Comparing Insulation Systems


Fiberglass Batts Fiberglass batts are the insulation system that all other insulation systems compare their insulation to. Fiberglass was developed in the 1930s by accident when pouring glass. It is made by heating sand, turning it into glass. Recycled glass is commonly used in the making of fiberglass to varying amounts, one company is guaranteeing 60% recycled. […]

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Energy Efficient Retrofit Case Study


Disaster With a Happy Ending We got a call from some people that a pipe in their cabin froze enough to burst. The pump was still on and it was pumping water into the crawl space, then above the floor and on the floor. The bottom parts of the wall were all wet and he […]

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Energy Savings On Home Insulation

How much energy can you save in your home by adding insulation? This is an often asked question by people who are building a home. The answer is to have someone model the home on a computer using a program like RemRate and see what the cost differences are. It also depends on the home design, home site, […]

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Why a Passive House?


A Passive House is a home designed with efficiency, integrity, durability and comfort in mind. God and the Devil are in the details. Super Efficiency means significantly reduced energy consumption. It also is environmentally responsible. Integrity refers to the craft of building a home. The details are critical to building a home like this. Durability means the building […]

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